State of stability

Since 2012 Gert Aertsen and David De Buyser are working together on their individual projects. That resulted in December of that year in a residency at NADINE. In the final exhibition/performance 'A State of Stability' they presented their work in a common set design: "Our current state of ideas about sound, light and movement linked in a series of events".

"There can be no silence up in the mountains, since their very contours roar. And for there to be silence, time itself has to Attain a sort of horizontality, there has to be no echo or time in the future, but simply a sliding or geological strata one upon the other giving out nothing more than a murmur fossil '[in America, Jean Baudrillard]

In A STATE OF STABILITY the artists present some of their experiments with light, sound and time in a joint scenography.
Independent of any philosophical definition of time, there is such a thing as an operational definition of time. The way the value of a time unit is determined, by observation of x number of repetitions of a cyclical event.

"All questions about motion or speed are only complete with an appropriate frame of reference." [Source: internet]

We experience time by change in forms and sound. When the night flattens our image of the city, we see less movement and thus we experience time differently. David De Buyser and Gert Aertsen use these cycles as a basis for real-time image and sound generating.