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Video taken at NADINE (dec. 2012) Still from contour installation at W-O-L-K-E

"There can be no silence up in the mountains, since their very contours roar. And for there to be silence, time itself has to Attain a sort of horizontality, there has to be no echo or time in the future, but simply a sliding or geological strata one upon the other giving out nothing more than a fossil murmur" [America, Jean Baudrillard]

'Contour' was created at a residency on Isola Comacina. By digitally detecting the contours of the surrounding mountains, I wanted to use the coordinate data as a score for the FUNGUS-BOX. The system detects the contour in real time from a pre-recorded movie clip. Each time a point of the line is detected, the computer sends the coordinates of that point to the FUNGUS-BOX. This incentive provokes a change in the ongoing musical progression of the instrument.

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