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David De Buyser is a composer of mainly electro-acoustic music. The last few years his work evolved to other artforms/media: music for theater, film, dance and installation art are now an important part of his oeuvre. The artists latest work is a project called 'F-BOX', a musical instrument of which the sound is influenced by the growth of fungus/mold.

Since 2012 David collaborates on a regular bases with Gert Aertsen, witness the residencies at OknO and NADINE. The last outcome of this collaboration was the expo/performance 'A STATE OF STABILITY'. This joint scenography will be presented again in the future.

cv and bio

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** f-box ** is David De Buyser's latest work, a modular electronic synthesizer of which the sound is influenced by the growth of mold. The name also covers a series of events that will take place from the moment the development of the machine starts (1/01/2012). Similar to the musician who can never know how exactly his mold-instrument will sound a particular moment in time, the events take different forms unknown by the artist, but by him to be identified. --> f-box wiki

** screen ** is white, but gets color with lightning on it. Screen is still, but vibrates through low frequency sound waves. --> watch

** 2 performance video's ** is an installation with 2 video's of performances held between 2010 and 2012. The first is 'The Watering Can', an outdoor performance video filmed in the Brussels city center. The second is an edit of the performance 'Measuring The Perimeter of a Cube', held at the 2m3-space (30/03/2012). --> watch

** measuring the perimeter of a cube ** was a performance held at the 2m3-space (30/03/2012). Later on that year, a video edit of this performance was used in the video installation '2 performance video's', shown at the Anderlecht Visual Arts Academy. --> watch

** acoustic mirror _ foam ** is, although only produced in 2011, the artists first visualisation of the 'acoustic mirror'. It's a projection of a graphical equaliser on white studio foam. The equaliser visualises the environmental sound. --> watch


** verboden toegang ** is a theatre play by Hanneke Paauwe with Laura de Vries and Anna Vercammen. Costumes and decor where created by Sara Dykmans. --> listen

** gevaarlijk jong ** is an installation by Sara Dykmans, created for the the belgian child rights commissariat. In the ticket hall of the Flemisch parlaiment in Brussels, five cabins where placed and for each of them a soundtrack was made. --> listen

** noisebomb ** is a installation by Walt Van Beek: two joined glass containers on a Citroën C15. In collaboration with Younes Zarhoni and myself, Walt makes audio-visual performances with the noisebomb. Click! --> watch

** ceci est mon corps ** is a video by Solène Coignard. Performed by Julia Arbey, Joséphine Beckers, Charlotte Cattiaux, Marie Close, Adriana Hortas, Maria Florencia Morales, Luciana Pesa, Natalia Pieczuro et Andréa Quintana Caminas. Choreography: Solène Coignard; image: Burcu Bilgic, Aurélian Pechmeja; photography: Chloë Champion; music: 'slplssnss' by David de Buyser; costumes: Marion Jouffre; external eye: Daisy Thompson and Sara Vilardo. --> watch

** beursplatform ** is an open platform where sound, image, performance, technology, poetry, theatre, ... meet, and where the boundaries between them fade. --> watch


** structured sound for well-organized people ** was the composer's first fully electronic album. The title refers to sampling as a technique to create music and to the comparison with the postmodern human being's methods to structure his life by picking 'samples' and putting them together to create his world. --> listen

** akoestiek-electronique ** holds a flash-back to David's musical origins of low-fi guitar rock music. In this album acoustic sounds are integrated in electronic compositions. --> listen

** make/shift ** is a compilation album containing songs that were made in order to experiment with sound and rithm. --> listen

** the railway maintenance ** is a piece written in collaboration with Philippe Colas. In 2007 it was used by the Dutch artist Judith Nab to be the soundtrack for her installation 'Nightshot'. --> listen

** requiem ** has many versions. --> listen



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